We Are So Excited About Our Renewing Our Partnership With Camp Rainbow For The 2022 Deep South Triathlon!

Camp Rainbow is a camp dedicated to Mississippi’s pediatric cancer patients and survivors.  Designed for kids ages 6 – 17, Camp Rainbow offers traditional camp activities but is tailored for children who currently have or have had a cancer diagnosis. Volunteers from across the State come together for four days to create an environment of belonging and fun, a community of people who truly understand, and a place where every child belongs.  Camp Rainbow not only helps shape the lives of campers it helps them grow and develop as individuals.


Part of a triathlon is the courage to take the first step, the motivation to continue even when it gets hard, and the joy of celebrating your victory of success. Likewise, what makes camp so special are the brave campers who are running a hard race of doctor’s visits, chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and other aspects of their diagnosis.  However, at camp, we rejoice in celebrating the victories!  We don’t run alone but together as a community of individuals who don’t just understand but belong.


At the 2019 Camp, the Deep South Triathlon Race Directors got a chance to truly interact with the exceptional kids at Camp’s first ever Camp Rainbow Triathlon. Each camper participated in a lake swim, a bike ride around the camp and everyone completed the race with a run down the trail to an enthusiastic finish line.  Everyone received a medal, but the smiles and satisfaction on the kid’s faces were the real awards that day.   By signing up for Deep South Triathlon, you will make a difference in each one of these incredible kids’ lives.

For more information about Camp Rainbow, visit their website at camprainbowms.com

DST & Camp Rainbow

Camp Rainbow Partnership